01489 550999

01489 550999

Servicing & Repairs

We can provide Servicing and Repairs for all types of garden equipment including lawnmowers (both ride on mowers and walk behind mowers), chainsaws, brushcutters, cultivators, hedgetrimmers.


Sharpening Service

Sharpening and balancing of rotary mowers and machine sharpening of chainsaws


Husqvarna Robot Mowers

Husqvarna Robot Mowers
Robot mowers have been around for years but the latest technology advances has created a demand for these lifestyle choice lawnmowers. The Husqvarna Automower range offers a solution to people with limited access, busy schedules or those who physically have difficulty mowing their lawns - in fact no effort is required, just sit back and let the Automower go to work.

These robot mowers aren't just about convenience - because of the frequent and random nature in which the mower cuts the grass it actually means a lot of nutrients are returned to the ground - a perfect lawn is achievable by doing nothing! Within the range there is a variety of different machines that suit all lawn shapes and sizes with even slopes, garden furniture or plants not being an obstacle to achieving a lush garden without hard work - just an initial easy to manage set up and you need never look back.

Products In Husqvarna Robot Mowers

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