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We can provide Servicing and Repairs for all types of garden equipment including lawnmowers (both ride on mowers and walk behind mowers), chainsaws, brushcutters, cultivators, hedgetrimmers.


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Sharpening and balancing of rotary mowers and machine sharpening of chainsaws


Honda HRX426SX Lawnmower

Our Price: 645.00

RRP: 839.00
You Save: 194.00
Except Highland & Islands - More
Our Price: 645.00

RRP: 839.00
You Save: 194.00
Except Highland & Islands - More

Safety and effortless use come as standard on the HRX426SX - with an easy starting, self-propelled 160cc 4-stroke engine and Hondas unique Roto-stop technology. It's easy to store with a one-touch folding handle.
The Honda HRX426SX 4 wheel lawnmower has a 17"cut and is Self Propelled via the rear wheels.
We at BestBuyMowers think the Honda HRX426SX is an ideal lawnmower the small to medium sized gardens.
The HRX series of mowers are built to satisfy the needs of people who both love their lawn or indeed don't like their lawn or gardening and just want to get the job done quickly and with the minimum of fuss. The Honda HRX range suits both!
Honda HRX range...designed by the British public
When Honda were designing the Honda HRX range they sent machines out to test with real members of the public, in various areas of Britain. In wet lush grass areas, dry chalk areas, and in hilly areas. They tested the machines and got together and discussed their tests. Suggestions were made by these public "testers" changes and  ideas put forward. Honda took notes and went back to the design house and made the changes; then the testers tried again and this was repeated until the design was approved by all the people.
The Honda HRX426, HRX476 and HRX537 are the results of this R&D (Research and Development) with the help of customers like you.
Honda HRX: lovely to use!
The machines are lovely to use. All the controls are light and easy, the machines are quiet. Little details like when you take the grass box off there is a little added thumb point where the testers suggested it needed one, so that you can more easily unhook the grass box- simple but designed by a "customer" not a computer!
The grass bag on the Honda HRX has a dust cover over the fabric so that you do not get dusty clothes when using during a dry summer.
Honda RotoStop
 It is the law that when you let go of a mower the blade must stop. Most mower makers achieve this by turning off the engine and thus the blade, the problem is that every time you let go of the handles to empty the grass box or move something out of the way of the path that you are mowing the engine stops! Then you have to restart it again, and again and again, every time!
With the Honda RotoStop when you let go of the handles the blade stops instantly for safety but leaves the engine still running!
Then after emptying the box you just restart the blade with the lever on the top of the handles and away you go- no restarting the engine-brilliant!
Other benefits of the Honda RotoStop is you can start the engine without the blade engaged which makes it easier to start. You can "drive" the mower from garden shed or garage to the lawn without the blade running which is much safer and quieter.
Another benefit is that the RotorStop protects the engine in the event of accidentally hitting something solid like a man hole cover, paving stone, washing line socket, tree root, stone or other unseen obstacle in the grass that otherwise might damage the engine beyond repair.
The Honda RotoStop is standard on the HONDA HRX range.
The Honda HRX range use Polymer in the body of the machine. Polymer is extremely tough. As a dealer for many years we have seen the common aluminium bodies of machines with cracks and chips and even corroded right through; not with Polymer, Polymer is extremely strong, stable and will not rust.
Honda 7 Year Warranty
Probably the best warranty in the business. This covers parts and labour for seven years and is standard on the Honda Core Range like the HRX426SX. Subject to the usual fair conditions and exclusions such as abuse, fair wear & tear and the standard maintenance by way of an annual service.
Honda technology; there to make lawn cutting a joy plus at Best Buy Mowers prices.
With most parts available next day at no extra cost (subject to an order placed by 5pm), fully trained Honda Authorised Dealers are knowledgeable about your product and will minimise any inconvenience when servicing is required.
Note; The Honda HRX426SX does not feature Versamow. For models with the Honda Versamow feature see the 19in  HRX476HY and HRX476VY or the 21in HRX537HY and HRX537VY
Special offer limited stock
FREE engine oil from
Product Features

  • Engine 160cc Honda 4-stroke
  • Stripe (Rear roller) No
  • Drive Self Propelled
  • Cutting width  17" / 42cm
  • Cutting heights (min./ max.) 19 - 82mm
  • Cutting height adjustment 6 positions
  • Handle folding Yes
  • Grass bag capacity 60 litres
  • Safety Roto-Stop System
  • Dry weight 36kg
  • Sound power (dB(A)) 94
  • Vibration (m/s2) 5.2

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