01489 550999

01489 550999

Servicing & Repairs

We can provide Servicing and Repairs for all types of garden equipment including lawnmowers (both ride on mowers and walk behind mowers), chainsaws, brushcutters, cultivators, hedgetrimmers.


Sharpening Service

Sharpening and balancing of rotary mowers and machine sharpening of chainsaws


Snow & Ice Clearance

Snow & Ice Clearance

Best-Buy-Mowers are authorised Cramer and CEMO main dealers offering full sales, service and after-sales support for the entire range of Cramer snow sweepers, snow clearance machines and CEMO salt and grit spreaders from these prestigious German manufacturers.

A high quality range of Cramer snow sweepers and snow clearance machines ideal for car parks, schools, colleges, Universities, farm yards, hospitals, doctors surgeries, police stations, yards, drive ways, paths, roads, precincts, shopping precincts, horse yards, shop and business premisses, garage forecourts, bus and train stations, restaurants and all public spaces.


Snow Throwers vs Snow Sweeper

Snow Throwers

Snow throwers are great for clearing very deep snow or snow drifts.  Snow throwers use a steel spiral impeller to throw the snow. This steel bladed impeller must not hit the ground or solid object otherwise it would become damaged or might dangerously throw an object such as a stone for example. To keep the blade away from the ground the snow thrower manufacturers set the blade with about and inch or so clearance above the ground. This helps stop the snow thrower impeller hitting the ground BUT this creates a problem:   a layer of snow and ice is left behind after the snow thrower has passed, this layer can then freeze creating a major hazard! 
Snow Sweepers

Snow clearance by a snow sweeper machine is not so efficient in very deep snow or deep drifts. Snow clearance with a snow sweeper is achieved by a brush whereby the bristles actually sweep the ground, they actually make contact. So with a sweeper the ground is swept clean of the snow usually on the first pass if not on the second pass. The snow is cleared by the snow sweeper, the surface is then ideal and ready for gritting. There is no dangerous layer left like there is with a snow thrower.
These Honda powered snow sweepers are ideal for snow clearance being fast, reliable and easy to operate BUT unlike many snow clearance machines that can only be used in snow and sit idle nearly all the time the Cramer snow sweepers can be used all year round.

This makes the investment much more justifiable. Buyers for schools, colleges and other public spaces are often worried that a purchase of a dedicated snow clearing machine might be a waste as it may never be used but with a Cramer sweeper the machine can be used all year round. Sweeping car parks, play grounds, forecourts and paths of rubbish, debris, cigarette ends, smashed glass etc. into the optional sweeper box.
The Cemo range of salt spreaders feature centrifugal salt and grit spreaders as well as drop spreaders. Most models feature stainless steel frames amend components to resist corrosion.

Sections In Snow & Ice Clearance

Salt Spreaders

The Cemo range of professional grade spreaders designed specifically for winter salt and grit. These highly robust machines are designed t...

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